Michigan is surrounded by more than 21% of the world’s fresh surface water.

These Great Lakes also provide nearly 25% of Michigan’s payroll, and are crucial to numerous businesses and industries across the state.


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The Great Lakes power Michigan’s $22.8 billion tourism economy.

The boating industry contributes over $4 billion, and spending centered around the beer, wine and spirits industry, located in communities across the state, is valued at $10.5 billion annually. 



agriculture contributes an average of $104.7 billion to Michigan’s economy annually.

Total employment for this sector is 923,000 - working on approximately 10 million acres of farmland - for a total of 52,194 farms. The State of Michigan produces more than 300 commodities, resulting in us being the second most diverse agriculture industry in the country, following California. Clean water and flourishing soils are the backbone of Michigan’s robust agricultural economy.



65 million pounds of fish are harvested from the Great Lakes every year

Many Michigan cities are heavily dependent on boating, fishing and hunting dollars to stimulate the economy. Hunting and fishing provides more than 70,000 jobs in Michigan and produces about $5 billion of income every year for the state.